February 10-16, 2019

Huge week for release, it seems like everyone wanted to get something out for Valentines Day. So much good stuff I have about twenty extra tracks for your listening pleasure. Click through to hear the best releases of the week.


Synthy downtempo glofi beats in a dreamy bath of skewing samples

MANTON – Don’t Panic
Raucous beats from the infinite edges of encroaching space

Pont-à-Mousson – Bye Bye Mirello !
Bubblegum psychedelic radiating haze from a sunbathed garage

Ghost Thoughts – DABDA
Bright and jangly indie pop thoughtfully crossing through the void

Kenosha Kid – Missing Pieces
Jazzy relaxing instrumental jams coaxing grandeur from guitars

BenHaviour – If You See Them, Shoot Them
Spectral ambient classical soundtrack evoking the icy infinite


Jonathan Something – For All My Life
Lilting indie folk rock weightless in the warmth of Spanish guitar

Television Romeo – Fuk That
A synthy drizzling of wonky ominous downtempo electronics


The Smile Case – Murder Weather
Grandiose country punk chunking like rock and dripping filthy vocals


Mama Shogun – Mama Shogun
Heavy sludgy hardcore with a post-post approach to noisy metal goodness



Special shout out to Mama Shogun. While not released this week (or even this year) I just found it randomly and it’s so great I needed to share. Total heavy weirdness in just the right way. This week also has the biggest Songs list I’ve ever even considered. I tried to organize them in a nice kind of flow (starting with chill electronics into instruments into rock, getting a bit louder and finishing with some heavy electronics) but in general just click and listen I’m sure you’ll find something worthwhile.

As always, if you enjoyed something you found here please consider paying for it. The more you give to artists the more art they can create.

Have a good week, and I’ll see you next Monday.

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