April 28-May 4, 2019

More beats this week with some good rap and chill. Then we get a bit experimental with some electronic niceness that leads into folk, then finishing it off with Americana and pop and another big list of the week’s best songs.


DistantStarr – Fine
Lofi loops that weave through beats in a poetic web of chill

Dre Trav & Tall, Drk – Yamms
Dense and bassy hip hop darkness wrapped in a thoughtful flow

Thelonious Coltrane – Solaris (Special Edition)
Downtempo hip hop beats of sample heavy laid back boom bap

Funwari-chan – S-N
Bubbly chillwave beats that swirl through euphoric electronica

Lófasz – Dreamcatcher
Dystopian electronics that shines bright through the silt and grime

FACTOTUM – the cult
Tape faded indie folk in a dreamy haze of calming experimental

Yasmin Williams – Folkadelphia Session 4/20/2019
Americana primitive sunrise of hypnotically intricate instrumentals


Keel Her – Girl Poem
Spoken word winding through the creaking tones of experimental folk

Miles Me Deaf – Holodeck
Dreamy chilled out indie pop laying back in a post vapor haze



Got some more selects this week that I think you should definitely check out. First up is the new album from DistantStarr, and while I’m not usually huge into rap, I know what I like and this is something great. Laid back lofi topped with a thoughtful lyrical flow that eases around my mind and paints with heady expertise. Easily one of my favorite rap album so far this year. Next I want to mention Funwari-chan and their new brief but lovely EP. A very Japanese take on chillwave but without being too specifically any one style. It has synthy electronics and a bit of of breakbeat sounds and all in an ether of chocolate dipped haze. Not quite candy coated but nonetheless sweet. It’s a very pleasant way to spend ten minutes. Next let’s go from sugary to raw, with the laid bare folk of Yasmin Williams. A bit more cheerful than primitive usually describes, but still with that lovely complexity and melodic longing. And if you want to be even more amazed you should go find a video of her playing some of these. She also released a full album last year, so if you really like this please check that out for more.

As always, if you enjoyed something you found here please consider paying for it. The more you give to artists the more art you can help create.

Have a good week, and I’ll see you next Monday.

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